5 extraordinary reasons to visit the Far East of Russia
April 15, 2021
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1. To see the most unique river in the world

The Amur river is really unique. The biggest part of the river is in the territory of the Khabarovsk region whereas the whole river stretches for about 3000km and serves as a natural border between Russia and China. One more part of the river even flows up to Mongolia. In China the Amur river is called Heiloungjiang and has the meaning of – The river of the Black Dragon. The whole Chinese province has the same name. There is a great variety of fish in the Amur river that can not be found elsewhere in any other river throughout Russia. According to different sources there exist from 108 to 139 types including those of northern and tropical habitat. The Amur river occupies the second place in the world as to the variety of fish living there, being surpassed only by MIssissippi river. But for us it is a number one river in the world!

Amur - Russian Language & Culture online

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2. To discover the edge of the world and the biggest isle of Russia

Sakhalin island is the strongest remedy against tiredness of the urban civilisation. Leave your smartphone in the hotel, open your eyes wide and look around to see the forests, caves, mountains, rocks and capes in the mysterious radiant mist and vague contours of the Land of Sunrise and innumerable waves. the Land of pure light is in front of you. Here the borders disappear and freedom sets in.

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3. To have a chance to admire the magic Land of Volcanoes

There are at least 29 active volcanoes in Kamchatka. That is why it is better to ask for the company of the experienced local guide when you get ready to go hiking. But if you want to see something more than those incredible mountains that breathe out fire save time for visiting the Valley of Geysers. It’s one of the most popular places in Europe and Asia where you can admire the springs of boiling water.

Kamchatka - Russia

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4. To get acquainted with Nanai, Chukcha and other indigenous people of the Russian Far East

Russia is famous not only for its geographical spaciousness but for the great variety of cultures. If you are interested in archeology and history or if you are crazy about legends and fairy- tales and eager to dive into the new culture with amazing traditions and customs then pack your luggage for travelling to the Far East of Russia. Discover life of the local minorities and extend personal knowledge taken from books.

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5. To step on the way of gastronomic adventure

The Far Eastern cuisine is a magnet for the gourmets . And it’s not because of red caviar or Kamchatka crab. The Russian Far East is the place where gastronomic traditions of Europe and Asia meet each other being at the same time enriched with the gastronomic traditions of the national minorities.

Have you ever tasted salad made of fern? And what about lamb meatballs? And of course you hear about Fareastern plov and pian-se for the first time. You even can’t imagine how many incredible tastes are waiting for you.

Are you ready for the trip of your life?

Crab - Russia

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