6 ways to motivate yourself to learn a foreign language
April 28, 2022
6 ways to motivate yourself to learn a foreign language

The majority of us face at a certain moment the problem of being incapable of studying and losing motivation. You have found a common language with your professor; you have time for studies, but…
As we communicate with our students from morning till night, we share problems and success, help each other, and stir up each other’s moods we are ready to give you some recommendations for getting motivation:


1. Put the distinct question to yourself – why do I study a language?

Is it for business reasons, personal reasons, wish to read in the original, changing one activity to another, after a hard-working day or for relaxation? It’s important for you to tell your reason aloud to achieve the target.


2. Choose the way of studying that is acceptable for you.

Think if it’s possible to replace your study time from pm to am hours. Because mental concentration is at its utmost in the morning hours. Some students prefer individual studies, check if it can correspond with you. The effective language groups usually consist of 4-5 students.


3. If you feel good at studying, do your homework without mistakes, it’s time to reward yourself.

The reward is not to be huge. It may be your favorite dessert or shopping, for example. Thus, you’ll be motivated to achieve your goals in learning a language the next time.


4. Tune your studies to positive emotions.

If you like music, listen to it in a foreign language. It’s useful to read texts and translate them, to learn some new words daily. Listen to the songs at least three times then you may tune to its rhythm and sing synchronically. Book lovers will get pleasure in reading authentic literature. Ask your professor to recommend something corresponding to your level, take part in literary discussions and book club activities. Being at the initial level, don’t refuse to read in the translation for learning the customs, traditions, historical facts, and cultural differences. In case you like cooking, find a couple of native recipes, read them in the original language and arrange food-tasting among your friends.


5. Get rid of negative stereotypes, and tune yourself to positive ones.

Nowadays, there exists a myth about the necessity to learn languages when you are young, when you have a specific way of thinking, being a polyglot, and having a lot of money to study a language abroad. We recommend you write down all the myths and cross them out.


6. Imagine yourself in the future.

This method is universal. Imagine that you know the language at (B 2 level) upper-intermediate. What opportunities have been opened for you in this connection? What blocks have been removed? Can you visit the countries where this language is spoken? Have you found new friends or even love them? Certainly, now you can communicate with strangers without shame, you are sure of your abilities to learn the language. You’ve got something new! No blocks at all!

Explore your abilities for learning languages and broaden your motivations. A new language is a beautiful gift available for everyone!

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